So You Are Ready to Record Your Music…What’s Next?

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Your creative spirit has inspired you to write a song (a.k.a. your “personal masterpiece”), and now you’re ready for it to be professionally produced so you can share it with the world – Congratulations! This is where it all begins…

Now the question is – how do I select the right music studio? Do I just go with the studio that has the best reviews? Or, should I be looking for the “best music producer”? How do I select the best music producer, “for me”? Or, is the better question…should I be seeking out an experienced producer within a studio?

The most obvious first step is to do a google search for a music studio/producer in the area. As I’m sure you found out rather quickly, there are a multitude of both in your area.

So how do you narrow that search down so that it doesn’t turn into a daunting and frustrating experience? Costs associated with professional recordings are pretty standard. Like anything you buy – if pricing is on the lower end of the scale – you should be cautious. If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is. Paying too much – could mean you will receive a higher end production – or, you’re just simply being over charged.

Let’s start by seeking out a “good vs. great” producer. The decision of who to hire will obviously be somewhat driven by the cost of your investment – but the final decision should be based on hiring an experienced producer and what they bring to the table. If you hire the right producer – they will provide you with the studio best suited to your production (whether they own/work in a local studio – or recommend taking you to Nashville for a more high end production).

It is always recommended that you do your “due diligence” when seeking out the best person to work with…the studio choice is actually secondary. Consider the following:

  • Do you connect well with that person and are you comfortable with the the advice they are providing;
  • Is your point of contact the actual person you will be working with – or – will you be passed on to some other team member within their studio?
  • Are they actually listening to your vision and providing constructive feedback and advice that could take your music creation to the next level?
  • What previous professional experience does this person have and how long have they been in the industry? Also, how diverse is their experience?
  • Are samples of their work easily accessible and can you easily verify this is their work (go to YouTube and check them out – do your homework!)
  • Do they have authentic (and recent) reviews written by other individuals they have worked with?

The bottom line is…you want to find someone that is diverse in their experience; listens to your vision; offers competitive pricing and will treat your creation like it is their own, to give you not only a quality, finished product – but also, an exceptional experience!

Contact Nick for your free consultation – he not only has the experience and credibility backing him – but he will make sure you have fun achieving that finished product…which will definitely surpass anything you could imagine!

Charles Goodwin Recording at the Rain Music Studio

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