Nick Coetzee, owner and producer at Rain Music Studios, has been producing outstanding music for over 25 years. Originally from South Africa, he has been based in Florida since 1995. Nick’s focus is drawing out and capturing the unique sound of each artist and delivering a master on time and on budget.


“I have known Nick for several years and have worked with him both as a songwriter and a producer. In addition to his musical talent, he is a sensitive worshipper whose ultimate goal is to create an experience that will draw the listener into God’s presence.”

– Don Moen


Nick is familiar with many genres of music including pop, gospel, rock, worship and jazz. Nick has worked with and produced for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Abraham Laboriel, Chester Thompson (Genesis), Pedro Eustache (Yanni), Israel, Darlene Zschech (produced Shout to the lord)


Nick has also composed many theme songs and instrumental works, including the half time music for an international sporting event in Australia, TV soundtracks, and also the instrumental jazz CD, Reflections, which sold over 300,000 copies worldwide





Pop and Contemporary

Total Praise Track


Various Soundtracks


Inspiration/Gospel Soundtracks

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  •   Give Me Faith - Casey Bonham
  •   Our God - Raymond Cilliers
  •   Behind Your Eyes - April Nyrene
  •   Rooftops - Patti Mock
  •   My God - Bryan Warren
  •   Your Presence - Brooke Briner
  •   The Letter Folds - Nathan Lauderdale
  •   Set My Gaze - Dustin Wharton
  •   I Will Worship You - Nick Meyers
  •   Shout To The Lord - Darlene Zschech

"He'll Lift You Up", composers Nick Coetzee/David Baroni

Sung by Nick Coetzee

"Slow Down", Sarah Haygood


What are the clients saying...

“Nick Coetzee is a great producer with amazing musical ability, talent and an ear to hear what will be best for your music.  If your looking for someone who will produce your CD, I suggest Nick, for a great studio, clear and professional sound.”   

Nikki Mathis




“I cannot say enough about the Rain Music family. Not only did I make a professional and beautiful album with Nic to use in ministry, but he and his family ministered to me during a very difficult time in my life. My professional and personal life are better because I chose Rain Music.”

Rebekah Faith




“Nick Coetzee is an extremely gifted producer. He is creative, experienced, and has fresh ideas that he knows how to communicate to the musicians and artists he works with. In addition to his feel for rhythms, his considerable guitar and keyboard playing and his songwriting skills, Nick brings a sensitivity to the Spirit of God that gives his productions that special something that embraces the listener. I am delighted with his production work on several of my recordings and recommend Nick Coetzee and Rain Music Studios to anyone who wants a stellar project. ”

David Baroni




“When I recorded my first album in 2002, Nick listened to my vision and heart and was able to extract that and lay down tracks that complimented my musical gifts. The fact that he was both professional and anointed was evident in the final product. We recorded 3 albums in 2 years and today I am still getting testimonies from people that have listened to my music for over 10 years and still love it.  He used the word "timeless" numerous times in our recording sessions and he was right! “    

Paul Aaron




Before production can began, Nick will sit down with you and discuss the various options to accomplish your goals in recording. Some of the options he will talk with you about are the music itself, the genre, the market, the songs, either original or cover, the budget, production location, marketing materials, video, and web presence.


The recording of your project is a process that goes through five different phases:



This is a very important phase of the production as without great songs, you can’t have a great production. If covers are being used, then a decision would be made regarding the arrangement and key. Original material may need work regarding the melody and lyrics. This all happens in the preproduction phase, and once all the songs are chosen and ready for recording, then phase 2 begins.



There are essentially two different paths to go on, depending on the budget. The first option is recording at the Rain Music Studio, using live instruments and sampled drums. The artist is often present during this process to have input into the sound and arrangement. After vocals, background vocals and additional overdubs, the music is now ready for mix-down and mastering.


Another option is to travel to Nashville to record lead vocals and instruments live with world renowned players at one of our partner studios. The completion of recording, including BGVs and overdubs can take place in either studio and once everything is recorded phase 3 will follow.


The Mix-Down and Mastering

This process is as important as any other and in general is done by a mix engineer at the location chosen in Phase 2, whether that be in Nashville or in Tampa. In this process, the music and vocals are fine tuned and adjusted to a professional level. The music portion is now complete, and a focus on the presentation of the music can begin.


Artwork, Design and Manufacturing

Many people compromise on this phase saying it’s only about the music, but I believe we are in an era that graphics and presentation are critical to gain the attention of the audience. Photography and artwork are important aspects of a production whether you release a physical product or not. Most people do release a physical product, as it is easier to sell at live events to help recoup the investment. Another important reason to have good packaging is for promotion, and for people to get a good first impression of your music and your message.



Once again it is important to not underestimate the power of video, an effective website, and ongoing marketing through social networking. Producing videos that promote and complement the music are going to help market it, as YouTube is a powerful advertising tool visited by millions every day.  We can help you navigate through all these decisions to reach your goals and communicate your message through music and video.



Please click here to read more about our extensive video production capabilities.

“Nick has got to be one of the most talented producers I have ever known. He has the ability to take your idea for a song and make it come to life. I have worked with Nick on projects for more than 10 years now and all I can say is, QUALITY, PASSION and ANOINTING.”

Roy Fields

“Through out my life I have listened to and been inspired by many great musicians and singers, from the classic music of Bach, Tchaikovsky, the modern works of David Foster, Hans Zimmer and others, to the great lyrical styles of Kris Kristopherson, Joan Baez, John Denver, and the poetic mastery of Bob Dylan and Jesus Rodriguez, and yet the most monumental and inspirational moment, for me, in exploring the subtly of music's power to, " turn me inside out" and help me feel every part of myself,  came through meeting Nick Coetzee.


To me, and that was 20 yrs ago, Nick had recognized the subtle character of music's influential nature and its role in the amplification of human emotion, spiritual connection and depths of love and commitment. His excitement, care and belief in me as a songwriter moved me to craft my work with greater refinement.


By all means listen and learn from the great masters of the past. But among us today is a living Master of music so inspirational that his musical presence will bring tears to your eyes and restore your own sense of self-value.

Thank you Nicky “      

Dave Reid-Daly



Nick Coetzee has been leading worship for many years here in the USA and internationally. His heart is to release the worshipper into a deep level of intimacy with the Lord. Nick helped launch the River School of Worship in Tampa, FL under Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, and continues to travel conducting worship events and workshops on various topics such as, songwriting, worship team dynamics, and spontaneous worship.


"Dr. Nick Coetzee is a dynamic and powerful instructor, helping men and women achieve their God-given potential as they apply the truths that he shares with them.  Having known Nick for many years, it has been a joy to work with him as he has imparted his personal and professional experience into students at the River School of Worship, where I am the Dean. Dr. Coetzee is brilliant when it comes to instructing and helping to raise up the next generation of vocalists and instrumentalists, as well as helping to sharpen those who are already in that field. Nick’s musical abilities and talents are amazing – from playing and singing to mixing and producing.  He is a gifted songwriter and has successfully trained many others to excel with their songwriting skills!I encourage you to have Dr. Nick Coetzee come to assist your vision and help to bring it to the next level!"


 - Dr. Todd Holmes



Dr Doug Wingate President of Life Christian University with Nick




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