Your Vision

Before production begins, Nick will sit down with you and discuss the various options to accomplish your goals in the recording. You will talk about the musical genre, the market, the songs, the budget, production location, marketing materials, and building an online audience.

Your production will go through various phases:

  • Phase One - PRE-PRODUCTION

    This is a very important phase because, without great songs, you can’t have great production. If cover songs are being used, then a license needs to be acquired and a decision needs to be made regarding feel, musical arrangement and key. Original material may need development regarding the melody and lyrics. This all happens in the pre-production phase, and once all the songs are chosen and ready for recording, then phase two begins. Many artists skip this phase because they think their song is ready for recording. It may be, but then role of the producer then comes into play as it’s very important to get an experienced producer to weigh in on whether it’s ready for recording. 
    Remember you can’t have a great production until you have a great lyric and melody. 

  • Phase Two - THE RECORDING

    In this phase, there are different options depending on the budget. The first option is recording at the Rain Music Studio, using live instruments and sampled drums. The artist is present during this process to have input into the sound and arrangements. After vocals, background vocals, and additional overdubs, the music is now ready for mix-down and mastering.

    Another option is to travel to Nashville to record the instruments and lead vocals with world-renowned players at one of our partner studios. The completion of recording, including BGVs and overdubs, can take place in either studio and once everything is recorded, phase three will follow.


    The mixing process is as important as any other and is generally done by a mix engineer in Nashville or Tampa. Many factors contribute to a good mix. One of them is being able to understand the lyrics. We are about telling stories, and communicating your message is imperative. Once the songs are mixed, they are sent to a mastering room where the final touches on the album are made. The music portion is now complete, and a focus on the distribution of your music can begin.


    Many people compromise on this phase, making it only about the music. I believe that graphics and presentation are critical components to gain the attention of the audience effectively. Most people that perform live release a physical product as it is easier to recoup the investment at live events.


    It is important not to underestimate the power of a music video, a promotional video, an effective website, and ongoing digital marketing. Producing song stories and promotional videos is an effective marketing tool. We can help you set some realistic goals and introduce you to an online digital marketer.

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